publish anywhere

Can I build mobile-ready social Campaigns and publish them anywhere?

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social text

Can I prompt my followers and fans to use a variety of social actions – share on Facebook, tweet, pin, etc., etc.?

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store entries text

Can I store entries in an exportable database?

vote restrict img

vote restrict text

Can I configure voting to let people vote more than once – or only once?

most votes img

most votes text

Can I run promotions where the entry with the most votes wins?

random winner img

random winner text

Can I use a random entry picker tool to choose a winner (or multiple winners)?

extra chances img

extra chances text

Can I give users who share my Campaign extra chances to win?

automate dates img

automate dates text

Can I automate start and end dates for my Campaigns?

preview img

preview text

Can I preview what my fans will see?

share acct img

share account text

Can I share my ShortStack account with other people on my team or share permissions to Apps/Campaigns with other people on my team?

customize img

customize text

Can I customize my Campaigns?

can i text

Can I integrate with...


connect text

Can I connect ShortStack with...
(click logos to see how)

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embed img

embed text

Can I embed other services that ShortStack isn’t integrated with?

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white label text

customize img

customize text

Can I display single images and galleries?

import img

import text

Can I import comments, Likes and photos from Status Updates?

free img

free text

Can I try ShortStack for free?

examples img

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Can I see some examples of Campaigns?

help img

white label text

Can I get help if I get stuck?

upgrade img

upgrade text

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time?

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sign up text

Can I sign up for an account without a credit card?

demo img

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Can I schedule a demo to learn how to use ShortStack?